Bert Green Fine Art

Rebecca Gray Smith

The Alphabet is a complete series of etchings, letters A-Z, and numbers 0-9 plus a title plate and two repeated letters for a total of 39 images. The series was begun in fits and starts over a 25 year period, originally intended as a response to the AIDS crisis. The letters were completed in 2014, and the numbers in 2016, all at Anchor Graphics in Chicago.

These works explore the presence of death in all human endeavors, using traditional signifiers of mortality such as the skeleton as a primary actor and subject. Each plate corresponds to a specific fatal activity or malady, highlighting the act of existence as a high risk activity fraught with peril.

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The Alphabet
39 images
All prints are Intaglio Etchings. The Letters are on Somerset Cream Paper, the Numbers on Somerset Satin Paper.
Edition of 5, 3 APs.
"A" Title Plate: Image size 8 x 10 inches, paper size 14 x 11"
Letters "B"-"Z" with 2 "B" & "C": Image sizes either 4 x 5" or 6 x 8". All on paper size 11 x 10"
Numbers Title Plate: Image size 8 x 10 inches, paper size 14 x 11"
Numbers "0"-"9": Image size 4 x 5", paper size 11 x 10"

Individual prints are $300 each, unframed. Full sets of the entire suite are available unframed as a boxed set for $9,900. Sets of only lettes or numbers are available on a limited basis.

Download the list of the titles for all letter and number prints.