Bert Green Fine Art

Man Bartlett

Man Bartlett's work is a mixture of traditional media, digital media, and performance, all of which emphasize the philosophical difference between perceptual knowledge and reality and how this manifests in the interaction of technology and culture. Bartlett is concerned with action and repetition and "the manipulation of the relationship of a medium to itself."

The Akasha Model was an immersive installation in our Project Room in 2016. The recording is a 24 minute loop, broadcast wirelessly to headphones via an FM transmitter in the gallery. The entire installation includes sculptural ears, headphones, and transmitting and receiving equipment.

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The Akasha Model/Untitled
Silicone on Canvas
5 x 5"
Single Cast of the Artist's Left Ear


Tips For Instagrammers Who Want More Likes (After Baldessari)
Oil on Canvas
39.5 x 39.5"


Blue Chip Art
Paint Chips and Blue Painter's Tape on Paper, Mounted on Panel
16 x 16"