Bert Green Fine Art

Jeffrey Michael Austin
What We Can Handle
March 10 - April 21 2018

Jeffrey Michael Austin has a fascination with the phenomenon of reflection. Whether a puddle, a mirror, or a glistening, slick, viscous surface, he works with materials that imitate and amplify reflective qualities. His simulacra of ordinary objects employ illusory effects to mediate and obscure reflectivity: high gloss, humidity, fingerprints, smoke, etc. The works invite interactivity with a large dose of caution, as thing are not always what they seem.

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Closing in/Stay alive
Resin on mirrors and resin on digital print
38 x 32" each (approx)
$8,000 set of 5
$2,000 each


Half-life (small talk)
Powdered meteorite, powdered charcoal and resin on mirrors
38 x 104"
$5,000 set of 4


Stay afloat (caution, attention) 2
Plastic, wood, polyester resin and digital print
42 x 22 x 19"